EvoATM networking activities launched


As EvoATM research activities are going on, contacts and exchanges with other SESAR projects and stakeholders have started. In the days 13 and 16 July we held technical sessions with project APACHE, INTUIT to gather data feeding EvoATM and explore synergies among these projects; in nexyt future further exchanges are foreseen with SESAR 2020 projects AURORA, ELSA and MAREA.

July 16 the KoM of the EvoATM Advisory Board has been held, too. EvoATM AB gathers members from  Eurocontrol, ASDA, ENAV (The Italian ANSP ), Leonardo, University of Westminster, University of Trento, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, this will allow to steer our research results in a purposeful and fruitfil fashion for the whole ATM community