Get inside to the project and have a look at our public deliverables issued so far!

EvoATM D1.1 - Project Management Plan & D6.1 - Project Dissemination Plan


EvoATM D2.1 - Technical Specification of the Reference Scenario


EvoATM D2.2 - Technical Specification of the Changed Scenarios


EvoATM D2.3 - Human Aspects Specification


EvoATM D2.4 - Preliminary Performance Metrics


EvoATM D3.1 - Modelling Paradigms


EvoATM D3.2 - Reference Scenario Model


EvoATM D3.5 - Agent-Based Evolutionary Optimization


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This project has received funding from the SESAR Joint Undertaking under grant agreement No 783189 under European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation. © – 2018 EvoATM Consortium –  Licensed to the SESAR Joint Undertaking under conditions.