• Gabriella Gigante, Domenico Pascarella, Marta Sánchez Cidoncha, Miquel Angel Piera, Gabriella Duca, Nicola Lettieri, Luiz Manuel Braga and Jose Luis Muñoz Gamarra. ATM change management: An evolutionary and agent-based approach. In MATEC Web Conf. Volume 259, 2019  6th International Conference on Traffic and Logistic Engineering (ICTLE 2018)Published online: 25 January 2019 DOI:
  • Juan José Ramos González, Miquel Angel Piera, Gabriella Gigante, Domenico Pascarella, Gabriella Duca, Mario Ciaburri, Marta Sánchez Cidoncha, Luiz Manuel Braga and Jose Luis Munoz-Gamarra, A socio-technical holistic ABM simulation framework to assess ATC performance variability, presented 10th Eurosim Congress 1-5 July 2019 La Rioja – Spain (the Papers will be published and indexed in Dialnet with ISSN and Individual DOI number)
    Eurosim2019 Abstract Volume